Article Marketing Exposed - What Separates the Article Marketing Successes and the Failures?

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Article marketing has proven itself many times to be a tactic that delivers highly qualified traffic, when done right. Personally, articles have been the best performers for me in terms of delivering traffic that is responsive and qualified. Believe me when I say I have tested dozens of traffic generation tactics and article marketing has come out top at the end of the day.

So what separates the successes and failures when it comes to article promotion? Why do some marketers get stupendous traffic from articles while others flounder? Is it because many have found a better strategy? I don't think. In fact, the majority of people who don't succeed with article marketing either don't have the right information or the right mindset to succeed with articles.

What is main barrier? I would say it's the work required to crank out the articles day after day. The answer to that is really outsourcing. Nobody wants to write 20 original articles day in and day out. They would go crazy. But if you don't have the budget for outsourcing, what should you do? Well, you just have to start writing.

Start off slowly, maybe 2 articles a day then gradually increase that number to 4 articles per day or even 8 articles per day. If you know that articles produce the most qualified kind of free traffic on the Internet, and you will make a killing off it, how many articles would you write? I'm willing to wager that you will write many articles. One way to keep yourself motivated is to keep your big picture goals in mind as you go about your article writing. It makes it much easier to complete the articles.

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