Increase Website Traffic - Here Are My 3 Best Ways For Generating Targeted Traffic

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If there is one thing that an online business cannot live without, it is traffic. A constant flow of targeted traffic. If you don't have sufficient targeted traffic, you won't get sales even if your sales page is the best in the world. Without traffic, you don't have a real online business.

It is also important to have different sources of traffic all driving visitors and generating customers for you. You simply cannot depend on just one traffic source, even if it is performing very well for you. Because if that source breaks down, you need other sources to keep your business moving forward.

So we have established that you need multiple sources of traffic. Here are the 4 best ways to drive consistent traffic to your business:

1. Writing and submitting articles. This is popularly known as article marketing. You write articles and market them on article directories and other sources like blogs, social networks, forums etc.

2. Pay per click is another powerful source of targeted traffic. The great thing about pay per click is that you can target the keywords your potential customers are searching for and get your ad in front of them. It's also one of the fastest ways to start getting traffic within the hour.

3. Joint ventures are an extremely powerful source of free traffic. You can start off with low-end joint ventures like cross-promotions where you mail out your partner's offer and he mails out your offer. Then go flat out with a product launch by inviting numerous JV partners to promote your product.

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