Some Not So Usual SEO Tips And Tricks

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In a web-dependent business, majority of the traffic that a website is able to get comes from search engines which is why search engine optimization or SEO is a very vital factor if you are after success for your site. Unfortunately for some online marketers who have very little knowledge about SEO strategies, they don't always get what they are aiming for because they don't know any useful secret tips and tricks.

We are often used to basing our SEO moves on the usual and already known practices or tricks and we hardly venture on finding secrets or hardly used strategies. But what if you had the chance at unlocking some of those best kept SEO tips and tricks that could change your current online ranking with search engines?

Welcome the possibility of a better SEO strategy with this: avoid flash based websites. The reason behind this is that if you don't avoid this and still create a flash-based site, your ranking is most likely to drop low and you may not have as easy a chance on the game.

Perhaps it is noteworthy that spiders scan the code and text of every webpage but by using flash your content can't be read because spiders don't do this. However if you insist on using flash on your site, you can survive this dilemma by using flash for the pictures only and as for your content, use text!

Another false notion that you need to correct in order to apply the right and one of the best kept tip has to do with building incoming links to your website where most of us think that the amount of incoming links you get is sufficient to get you high ranking. In as much as the number of incoming links matter what matter more is the quality of the links that you get.

The explanation is simple as even when you are flooded with links but they are all coming from low rating sites you are most likely to be pulled down with them as well. So the best way to this is that you strive to get a good number of incoming links from really high ranking sites in order for your site to get the much needed boost when it comes to ranking.

If you want to win your way through this and use it to your advantage, you can place comments on high ranking or popular blogs and websites that come with links to your site. This does not however mean that you practice spamming as this is unethical and you might get banned and have your links removed.

The right way to do this is for you to give really insightful and interesting comments. The moment readers see that they are useful comments you just might get them to add traffic to your site.

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