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When you are a blogger or website owner or article marketer perhaps one of the few important things that you have to know and master are the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) principles for Google. We all know that Google is one of the giants in search engines in the web and it could pretty much answer your need to "exist" in the web.

So, how exactly can you show up in Google is all up to the way you successfully play with the basic SEO principles to consider. There are a few of them and by learning how to apply it in your own article marketing business, you are most likely to find high ranking in Google and get good traffic consequently.

Make it a habit to post with consistency which means that you don't post only when you feel like doing it. If you only post according to your mood or "feel" every time, you will less likely be able to establish a relationship with your visitors making it hard for you to rouse their interest.

As for those of you who have already somehow established rapport with your audience, the moment you lose that consistency in posting, you are most likely to ruin the momentum that is already there. Of course, it is not that necessary to always make the number of your post really big, as long as you are able to answer your readers and supply them with just enough number of articles consistently, Google would recognize you.

Quality is very important when it comes to making your content and this is only achieved by ensuring that you know your readers well and you give them no less than what is relevant. Google will find and give good ranking only to contents that their users need and are looking for so you simply need to know what your readers really need and will be searching for.

Learn the art of creating a call for action that is most likely to be answered by your reader. This is important if you want them to link back to you and you should not forget to make sure that your call for action has a corresponding code that they may click on for easy compliance in answer to your request.

Finally, embrace the world that you are in by learning as much about it as you can. This doesn't necessarily have to happen in a single sitting because as they say the best learning usually comes one at a time.

If you want to thrive in article marketing you should be able to understand every aspect of the organization and flow. This is the same with Google for if you want to rank high, master the essential principles and apply them.

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