The Facebook "Like" Button And Its Effects On SEO

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Social networking in Facebook means building networks, friendship, and connections with other people, interactions and posting of pictures and images that can be shared with other people. With the popularity of Facebook and its inclusion in the ranking algorithm it cannot be denied that Facebook likes can also have an effect on SEO.

But how much of an effect it will influence SEO and the ranking possibilities of a website is the big question. Although it can probably have a big effect, how to include this approach in your search marketing strategy will be the main question.

Likes may not be already the links but they have an important part to play in influencing the search engines for a high placement in the search results pages. The search engines have already continued that they use some social signals to help in the ranking procedures in the search results rankings.

Internet users using the "like" button feature in content signals the search engines that they share these contents and signals also its popularity. The search engines cannot just ignore the popularity signals given off by these websites, and these can influence their computation for rankings of websites.

How to use these social signals have to be learned by webmasters, and they have to study these methods for better ranking results of their websites. These strategies are the following:

  • Have a strategy in place to push your contents and make it more shareable by people. Blogs in your Facebook page can be one of these and make your blog contents be that interesting and unique to make many people "like" and share it with others.
  • Link your Twitter and YouTube pages to your blogs and Facebook pages and you can have plenty of opportunities of being linked and shared. This is a good way of having this proactive strategy of getting lots of links through the social networking sites.
  • With this strategy you can also show to the search engines the added benefits of giving popularity signals. If you have plenty of likes or the contents you have are being shared by many, it means that you have acquired so much popularity and need to be recognized by the search engines.
  • These kinds of recognitions you get from plenty of people cannot just be ignored by the search engines and will be factored in with its method of ranking websites. Thus, the importance of this 'like' feature in Facebook for your quality and unique contents.
Although original and unique contents and a strong link profile are still the strong foundations for a profitable ranking, this social strategy can also be effective. This is already confirmed by the search engines, the use of social signals in website ranking.

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