Article Writing Revealed - Learn the Keys of Writing a Captivating Article Title

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If you want to get maximum traffic for your article marketing efforts, you must spend time creating a captivating article title for each of your articles. Your titles must compel the visitor enough for him to click through and read your content. It must address the visitor's needs or/and wants and spell out the benefits clearly.

Why is the title so important? Well, it's the only thing web surfers see before they even see your article. It will determine whether they click through or not. These decisions are made in literally split seconds. If someone doesn't open your page, he will not read your article, and they won't visit your web site. Ultimately, they won't buy from you and it is likely they will end up on a competitor's site.

Your title should be benefit filled. We have already established that. Another important factor of an effective title is that it has to optimized with your main keyword phrase. This way, if someone searches on Google or Yahoo for the kind of information you have written, they will find your article. Ultimately, this leads to much more traffic for your article, so it's a very important step to take.

I usually include my main keyword phrase in my title two times and I find that works well. You can usually do with one insertion of the phrase though. Also, make sure that your article content itself has your main keyword at least a few times so it is optimized for that keyword. Your goal should be to create a high quality, keyword rich article.

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