List Building Traffic - 3 Powerful Traffic Getting Tactics to Grow Your Mailing List!

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If there is any one deciding factor that will make or break your online business, it is your ability to generate targeted traffic. You need traffic to your websites and your offers if you want to make money online. The source where you get your traffic from (whether it's Google, article directories or even forums) is very important. Although ad copy matters, it is a dead duck if placed in a traffic source which is not designed to bring you qualified visitors.

When you building a list, it is important to keep in mind what kind of subscribers do you want to get on to your list. Teenagers are probably out of the question if you are out to make money, since teenagers obviously have not much disposable income. If you want to build a list that will pay you, you need to focus on target markets that have some disposable income.

Here are the 3 best traffic getting tactics to pump your list with subscribers:

1. Article marketing

This is my favorite free traffic generation tactic out there that is not dependant on others. In other words, with article marketing, you decide how much you earn and how much traffic you get. Simply put - get more quality content out there and you will thrive.

2. Ezine advertising

Finding targeted ezines that cater to your niche and marketing to them is an excellent way to get laser targeted traffic. Testing is important. Some ezines will produce mediocre results; others will product outstanding traffic.

3. Joint ventures

Joint ventures - partner with other businesses in your niche in a win-win deal. You can do cross-promotions with another online business in your market and benefit from each other's contacts, leads and customers.

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