Social Media Tips - How to Increase Twitter Followers

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Social Media Tips - How to Increase Twitter Followers

The Social Media website Twitter has created an impressive device for businesses to advertise and promote their products and services by themselves. By establishing a Twitter profile for your business you can directly tap into a 175 million strong Twitter population and increase your targeted audience. The goal for any organization using a Twitter account is to boost their followers within the internet site. By using Twitter you will increase your visibility on the internet which will increase traffic and profits for your website.

I listed 6 tips to help you increase your Twitter followers.

1. Use the hash tag - Twitter made the hash tag trendy and now it is used by most web site. The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages. Read this article in The New Yorker About Hash Tags .

Other hash tag uses:
  • People use the hashtag symbol # before relevant keywords in their Tweet to categorize those Tweets to show more easily in Twitter Search.
  • Clicking on a hashtagged word in any message shows you all other Tweets in that category.
  • Hashtags can occur anywhere in the Tweet.
  • Hashtagged words that become very popular are often Trending Topics.
2. Use the Twitter badge in your internet site - This can be a great way to get more followers when you have a blog or website. I listed a few of the badges below but there many more,
  • Twitter Statuses Badge - A Twitter badge that will show the last few tweets from your account, along with how long ago you posted them and the permalink to them so that people can go to them directly. Can be customized via CSS to better match your blog or site.
  • Twitterati Badge - A very simple JavaScript solution for your badge needs that will let you set height, width, colors, border and so on. Displays your tweets as well as those of your followers.
  • TwitterCard - One of the biggest complaints people have about badges for any service is that they don't fit in with their overall blog design. TwitterCard tackles this complaint head-on by giving you a JavaScript powered badge to show all your Twitter info in the 125X125 format. This will fit in perfectly with your ad units, or just about anywhere on your site without looking the least bit out of place with current design standards. Also has the ability to be implemented via HTML or a WordPress plugin. (please note that the JavaScript was not working when we tested it, but the other methods we
  • TwitterMySite - Enter your user name, any extra text you may want and in what color, and simply click "Generate my Button." You'll be offered up a selection of different badges, all set with the variables you entered, ready for you to paste into your site.
  • U Stand Out Twitter Badges - U Stand Out offers up a nice selection of badges you can use for your site or blog that range from artsy to straight-to-the-point.
  • Vincent Abry Twitter Badges - A collection of Twitter badges for just about every taste in various sizes for all the different blog configurations out there.
3. Follow the stalwarts - Follow big wigs and significant gamers in your topic niche of expertise. These firms have a excellent presence online and invariably have a very huge following. By following these stalwarts you have the opportunity to build awesome connections and opportunies for business and increase your followers as well .

4. Harness the likes on Facebook - Facebook is one more excellent medium that may allow you to increase followers on your own Twitter profile. Transform your existing supporters on your Facebook account to your Twitter followers by uploading your hyperlink via wallposts and feedback on Facebook.

5. Retweet - Much like some other social media marketing web site, Twitter thrives around the viral nature of its network. Getting Retweeted is an excellent method to increase followers. Tweet breaking information which is pertinent on your follower's interests. This would get you retweeted very quickly.

6. Integrate the Tweet app with your LinkedIn - Twitter has brought out an app which you should use to add and maintain track of one's LinkedIn connections on Twitter. This would let you to post your tweets in your LinkedIn profile. This way all your existing connections on LinkedIn can grow to be your followers on Twitter.

Twitter is one of the most successful and thriving social media marketing sites on the internet. Increasing your Twitter followers is powerful approach to create a web based presence for your business.

Good Luck!

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