What Should You Know about Google Adwords Ad Extensions?

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Google Adwords ad extensions are additional features that are added information contained in the ad copies of Adwords ads. Through this feature a use is provided with additional but relevant information that adds to the call of action that the ad copies give.

With this ad extension an advertiser doesn't need a change in keywords, ad texts, and other elements of the ads. With thread extensions your ad becomes more relevant and much help to users increasing the more possibilities of being clicked through by a user.

There are several types of ad extensions and these provide the different information that are included in the ads. These extensions can be tracked so monitoring its performance can be done, and below you can find these different ad extensions.
  • Location Extension
This extension is displayed when a user uses a location specific search term. When you have multiple locations of the some web business, it will show the phone numbers and address of each individual's location.
  • Phone extension
The phone extension will make it easy for the customers to call you directly from your ads. You can monitor and measure the phone calls that your ad generates so you can have a better understanding of the value of your campaigns.

The extension displays a number that a user can click on an ad to make a call immediately. A new feature that is added to the phone extension is the Call Metrics.
  • Sitelinks Extension
The Sitelinks will allow you to extend the value of your Adwords campaign by providing additional links to specific and relevant contents. You will be allowed to display four (4) additional URLs for user to choose.

These additional and specific links can increase click though of the ads. These added benefits with the additional Sitelinks provided can increase the tendencies of people to make a click on the ads.
  • Product Extensions
It is the same as in the Sitelinks extension but the only difference is that products are shown not the site links. These extension types are the perfect advertiser for those in e-commerce industry because they provide users with an image of the products they search for.

These kinds of product extension require a Google Merchant Center account for it to link. To make the connections there should be product extension multiple addresses for locations, seller ratings and broad match modifier.

The broad match modifier is a targeting feature in Adwords that lets you create keywords which has a greater reach than phrase match. It has more control than a broad match.

The ad extension allows advertisers to extend the features of the Adwords ad copy. With the additional information added, the possibility of getting clicks is increased.

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