Ebook Writing Tips - 3 Easy Steps to Research Your Ebook Topic

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Imagine if you could research your niche topic quickly and easily. Would that make your ebook writing a whole lot easier? It probably would! Researching your ebook's niche topic is a key step to writing an ebook that delivers and even over-delivers on its claims. Here are the 4 easy steps to research your topic so that you write easier and quicker, to produce a better quality product:

Step 1 - Check Out The Competitiveness Of Your Niche

Making money on your niche comes down to supply and demand. Demand has to be higher than supply for you to be able to create a profitable business. If you write your ebook in a niche that has almost zero demand, you are not going to make much money at all. Use forums, keyword research tools and popular websites like Amazon to check out how popular your market is.

Step 2 - Check Out The Forums

Visit forums in your niche market, and see what people are talking about. See which topics are 'recurring' and seem to be asked about all the time. You can also create a thread asking what people's most burning questions are. Post quality information in the forums too to build up your online credibility.

Step 3 - Build A Subscribers List

Build a list of subscribers in your market and ask them what their most burning questions. Ask them what kind of ebook they would most like to buy. What topics do they want you to cover? Survey them to find out this valuable information. Then create your ebook based on your answers. You'll make a ton of sales this way.

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