What Is The New Ad Formula For Google Adwords?

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Being in an online business is important for a marketer to have their website a high and credible web image that can be visible to potential customers. This image should not only be a highly visible one but also can be an interesting image that can gain trust and confidence of prospective customers.

There are many strategies to get this high image like SEO, but this method is not immediate and it can take months or years before you can start to feel the results. Google Adwords is one that when implemented can get immediate results and also the quality and targeted traffic desired.

In creating a paid campaign with Google Adwords, creating ads with compelling copies is the first important act that you have to do. You should choose the appropriate keyword that can target effectively the customers that you want.

Your ad copies should be those that can motivate prospects to click and view what you offer. Although it is your landing page that can motivate further your customers to make actions to convert to sales, it is the ad copies that make the initial motivation, and thus its importance and role in the whole process.

The basics in your Google Adwords ad campaign can still be the usual which starts with the ad copies that provide the information to make people click. The new formula for Google Adwords can include the following:
  • The keywords are still the most basic in your ad copies and it is not a new formula to include these words. The words should be only those very closely related to what you offer so that what you can get are only those quality targeted people to click,
  • A strong call to action should be provided in order to make people really click on what your offer. Their interests should be converted to action and the strong call to action should be able to make them click.
  • A new ad formula is a innovation of Google Adwords that gives web advertisers more advantages. With this new ad formula you can get offers of up to few additional links which can be of more advantages to your efforts.
  • This capability given to users, with the additional links that can be provided it gives customers the chances to go to your other content pages where they can probably get more information relevant to their needs.
  • In your inner pages they can probably get more relevant information that can make them decide to perform. This may give you the opportunity to get good conversions because of the additional helpful information provided.
This new ad formula of Google Adwords can help your marketing efforts if you have several products in your line. This can probably give you more success because prospects can get to your inner pages.

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