Article Writing Revealed - How to Write Informative Articles, From Beginning to End

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The first step in article writing is to create a knock-them-out title for your article. This title serves a very important purpose - to get web surfers to actually click on your article and begin reading it. So your title is actually the most important part of your article, although most people spend very little time on it.

The next thing to write for your article is your introduction. I typically keep this to one paragraph, with 3 to 5 sentences introducing the topic at hand. I will briefly talk about the reader's problems and how I'm going to go about solving it in the article, either through a series of steps or a set of tips that they can put into action.

For the body of your article, you will need a few main points that you can talk about. Five to seven main points is good. Putting them into point form will also make your article extremely readable, and also easy to write.

An important point to take note of is to keep your paragraphs and sentences short. The longer your paragraphs and sentences seem, the less people will read your entire article through. So keep them short for easy readability.

When your body is done, it's time to come to the conclusion of your article. This will also be made of one paragraph most of the time. You can simply summarize what you covered in your body and emphasize and sort of tie them in together so that your reader gets a clear picture of what to do to solve his problem.

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