Email Marketing Tips - How to Write Subject Lines That Work!

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Most email marketers only take a few minutes to write their subject lines, but spend hours on creating their sales pages and writing their promotional emails. This a big mistake! It is very important to spend good time crafting the best subject line you can to extract maximum response from your list and make maximum sales. It's quite simple - all things being equal, the more people who open your email, the more sales you will get.

So how do you write subject lines that scream "open me now!"? There are two things you need to consider - you need to write subject lines that will induce curiosity, and you also need to include a major benefit of reading your email in your subject line. Using these two factors will give you a high-performing subject line.

Let's start with the first factor - curiosity. How do you generate curiosity? This is where an understanding of human psychology comes in. Tactics like scarcity (limited quantities, time-limited offers), call-to-actions (open now, see now) and questions will always work. Asking a question is one of the best ways to incite curiosity.

Next, you need to add in the one major benefit of reading your email. What is the greatest benefit your subscribers will get from reading your email and doing what you want them to do (whether it's downloading a free product or buying your stuff)? What will be the greatest improvement in their life? State this and your email will be a winner. Use this combination of curiosity and benefits to start making serious email marketing profits.

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