List Building Tips - How Does Relationship Building Make You Rich?

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If you've been looking into money-making opportunities on the Internet, you are probably already subscribed to a couple of mailing lists or even a few dozen of them. You may get dozens or even over a 100 emails a day, but you will be opening a few of them most of the time. You will only the emails from marketers you trust. You will only open the emails from people who have provided you value before. I personally get more than 100 emails a day, so obviously I can't open all of them. I only open those from people whom I like and trust.

You have put this kind of thought into your own email marketing campaigns. You have to make people like and trust you so that opens will always be opened like clockwork. If you constantly pitch any product you come across, your conversion rates will drop across the board, and you will lose the trust of your subscribers.

What are some ways to build a relationship with your list that work? You can send free content to your list. This can take the shape of free reports, free videos, free audios or even free articles. You can leverage articles you have written and send them to your list and they will love it.

Should you send out promotions from time to time? Yes, you should. You can't make any profits if you don't. After all, you're running a business. So yes, you should send out promotions, but don't overdo it, and only products that you have personally tested and truly believe in.

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