List Building Revealed - What Are the Exact Tools You Need to Get Started Building a List?

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You want to get started in list building but just don't know how and where to get started. Have no fear, I'm here to help! List building is by no means an easy business but you can make massive profits from it on demand if you know what you are doing.

So what are the exact tools you need to get started building a list? Firstly, you need to get a website. This will be where you will host your opt-in page to get subscribers to subscribe to your list. A domain is pretty cheap these days and you can get one for less than 10 dollars at most places. You also need a web host to host your website; this can also be acquired usually for less than 10 dollars a month.

Next, you need to create a free product to use as a lead bait to get subscribers to opt-in. This can be a free report, ebook or a free newsletter. You can even combine these products to create a more valuable or enticing incentive.

Lastly, you need an autoresponder to build your list. This is where you host your leads and send emails to your subscribers from. There are only a few top autoresponder services around that are worth your time and concern. These are Aweber, Get Response, I Contact, and Auto Response Plus. The first three will host your leads for you, but with Auto Response Plus you can host the leads on your own server. Personally, I prefer getting my leads hosted by a professional service because it is more secure and your deliverability rates are higher.

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