Article Marketing Revealed - Why Article Marketing is My Primary Traffic Generator

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If you haven't heard of article marketing yet, which planet are you living on? Just kidding. Writing and submitting articles is a powerful way to get lots of traffic streaming in to your website and offers. Hundreds of marketers do it for a good reason - it works. Having said that, only a few article marketers generate hundreds of visitors of per day from articles, so there are a few things that you need to understand if you want to achieve the same results.

There are two ways in which article marketing works for you in generating traffic. The first method is through direct traffic from the article directories themselves and the search engines. You just write high quality articles and submit them to the best directories around to leverage off their traffic numbers. Your articles will also be optimized to achieve high search engine rankings so you can 'steal' more traffic from there too.

The other method is to write articles with the primary aim of generating backlinks in your website. In this case, articles are really your primary traffic weapon; they are a supplement to increase the popularity of your site so that it is your site that will achieve higher rankings.

Personally, I use the first method, that of getting direct traffic from articles, because traffic from articles are probably the most responsive around. Most of my customers come from articles rather than from other sources, and that's why article marketing is my main traffic and sales generator on the Internet.

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