Article Marketing Exposed - How Do Articles Generate Greater Returns Than Other Traffic Sources?

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With article marketing, what you will find is that when someone visits your website from a related article you have written, they are much more likely to take the action you want. This is because you have provided information in your article, and they are putting their hands up and saying they want more information from you. I notice that article generated traffic converts better for squeeze pages, and that is no coincidence.

If you write articles that match what your audience is looking for, and your squeeze page or sales page is congruent with what you have written in your article (i.e. related topic), then your visitor is more likely to subscribe to your list or buy your product. It's just that simple. Article generated traffic is highly qualified because of this simple principle.

Consider pay per click advertising or classified ads. All a visitor knows about you is simply in that short ad. People who respond to an ad and people who respond to information that they were looking for are a different breed. The latter group will convert far better and prove to be a better source of customers.

So the first thing you want to keep in mind is to write articles that are relevant to your business and to your niche topic. Then you want to create either a squeeze page or a sales page that is relevant to your article. This creates a smooth flow and will ensure you will have a marketing system that works in spite of your presence!

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