How To Grade Your Google Adwords Account Performance

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To a web marketer advertising with Google Adwords can be a very competitive marketing effort and also a very confusing one, not knowing where your ad campaign is leading you to. You don't know what's wrong with your advertising effort and why it is not giving you a better performance.

A web advertiser normally wants to know what they can do to improve their advertising efforts with Google Adwords. They also would want to know the kind of results they can get if they are successful in their advertising effort, and this can mean a sort of audit on their account performance.

Grading your Google Adwords account performance is like grading your account against the thousands of other Adwords advertisers having the same spending range as you have. This means that even if you are on the same niche market your account will not be comparable with the big spenders and it will not be fair to compare your performance with theirs.

Different advertisers have different objectives so it can also be fair that not the same metrics will be used in grading their performance. Their objectives may just be branding while yours is focused on lead generation and online sales, so there is a difference in the grading system to be made.

There is a free tool for this purpose and it is Google Adwords Performance Grader. It grades your Google Adwords account performance through an analysis of key performance indicators like the following:
  • The quality score is a performance indicator that has to be looked into closely. It can give a major impact on your advertising efforts and it can lower your costs, improve your returns on investments, so this has to be improved.
  • The click through rate is also a performance indicator that needs looking into. It is a measure of how effective your ads are in targeting your prospective customers and this will show if you need to optimize your ads more.
  • Your keywords and ad copies are also the indicators that need not only looking into but the optimization of these through long tail keywords. The long tail words are the most effective in quality targeting of customers because these are the specific words that customers are searching in the net.
  • Landing page optimization is also a key performance indicator that needs looking at in the click on your ads. The more optimized your landing page is, how compelling and attractive it shows, will spell the difference between you having a conversion or not.
  • A performance indicator is also the account activity or how you are spending more time with your Google account. This means that you have to spend more time with your account by checking on its performance.
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