Free Website Traffic - How to Get Massive Free Traffic Within 48 Hours Or Less

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If you've read about Internet business for a while or have been doing business online for quite a bit, you would know that the art of traffic generation is important for online success. It is just a crucial component if you want to make serious amounts of cash online.

One of the ways in which many of us start generating traffic online is through free strategies. To be honest, most of the free advertising avenues out there are pretty worthless, and will generate a very low return on investment on your time. Take traffic exchanges. You don't want to spend hours surfing the exchanges because it is a low return on investment activity. Unless you value your time at $5 an hour or less, then you would want to spend your time on something else that will generate far more qualified traffic.

Not all free traffic is poor traffic though. Two of the best ways to generate traffic in 48 hours or less, at no cost, are forum marketing and article marketing. In fact, you can literally get traffic from forums in 5 minutes. Just sign up for a high-trafficked forum in your market, get the signature file done with your URL in it, and start posting. Start posting information that stands out and soon people will click on your link and visit your website and subscribe to your list, or buy your products.

With article marketing, it is all about volume and quality. Submit quality articles in volume, and you're 100% guaranteed to get traffic. Submit them to the most visited article directories such as Ezine Articles and you can't fail not to get targeted traffic. And article marketing generates some of the most qualified traffic in this world.

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