How to Use CBEngine to Find Hidden Products

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How to Use CBEngine to Find Hidden Products

It is not easy finding the right products to promote in the Clickbank marketplace. The products can be sorted a number of ways, but the system is relatively basic and doesn't can be have much advanced functionality.

CBEngine, a free Clickbank search engine can make it a lot easier for you to find the perfect product to promote. Rather than just looking at the same data as everyone else, you can look through products in creative ways to find the perfect one for you.

Here are some of the ways you can use CBEngine

==> Find Products That Are Gaining Momentum

On the left side of CBEngine, click "best gains." This will give you a report of the product in Clickbank that have gained the most in Gravity, Ranking, Momentum and more in the recent weeks.

To sort by exactly which type of gain you want to look at, just use the sub-menu bar at the top of the screen.

This tool is great for identifying up and coming products that may convert really well before a bunch of other affiliates jump on the bandwagon.

==> Find Recurring Products

What products pay recurring commissions? Which have the highest lifetime earnings per sale? Which have the highest gravity?

While you can find recurring products in the Marketplace data, CBEngine makes it easier to compare all the products from all the different categories all in one place.

This makes it a lot easier to find the highest paying products in the long run to promote.

==> Advanced Clickbank Search

The main feature of CBEngine is its Clickbank search engine.
The search engine allows you to search all categories and subcategories at once, or you can search by just one category or subcategory at a time.

You can display all the top products in each category or subcategory all in one page.

You can order the products by gravity, by payout, by change, by momentum, by refund rate and more.

You can tell it to only display products that pay a certain amount or more.
You can also tell it to find only products that were created recently.
You can even search within the text inside the body, as well as just the title or even find products based on Clickbank ID.

In other words, CBEngine's search engine makes it much easier to find products than Clickbank's built in search engine. It has a lot more search features and sorting features to really help you find the products you want.

Whether you prefer to promote more mainstream products or look for little niche products that nobody else is promoting, CBEngine can help you find just the right offer. Though they do have a paid version, the free version is often more than enough.

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