What is the Most Important Feature Your Business Needs to Use on the Internet?

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What is the Most Important Feature Your Business Needs to Use on the Internet?

By Angela Wills

So you've got your business online and now you're wondering where to go next. Or maybe you're not quite moved online yet and you want to know what is the most important feature your business needs to use on the internet.

Well if we look at this from the standpoint of what your most valuable asset would be in your business, offline or online, we will find the answer.
What if I took away all your customers and all your potential customers. Would you still have a business? Nope, no way.

So if we had to boil marketing on the internet down to one most important feature that would hands down be your customer and leads lists. What does that look like in terms of online marketing? It's your email list.

If you do nothing else on the internet it's important that you build your customer and potential customer database. With programs like Aweber it is easy to build multiple email lists of people who are interested in what you have to offer but are not quite ready to buy. It is also easy to put those who've bought from you into email lists either manually or through a bit of automation.

How do you build an email list?
Well this will bring us to probably the second-most important feature of an online business. That would be your website. Using a website to market your business is going to have a large impact on your ability to sell and to collect new leads.

With a website you can give people as much information as they need to tell them WHY they should join your email list and what value you will be providing to them.
What do you do with an email list?

So now you've begun to build this great asset but you're not sure what to do with it. Many people build an email list and then leave it sitting, quiet and useless. Don't let your list go cold. Email them with useful information that builds their trust in you as a source of knowledge on your area expertise. Make offers from time to time but always provide value and build the relationship with your list.

How often do you email your list?

Many people who start a list worry about emailing their list too often. How often you email your list is going to depend on how much value you can provide to them and how many emails that will take. If you can provide value only once ever two weeks then do it. If you need to email three times a week because you have so much value to add then do it.

Just keep watch and judge the reaction of your list and make adjustments from there. If you are loosing a lot of subscribers then you'll know it's time to adjust. If you are getting lots of positive reactions then you'll know you're on the right track.

Overall building an email list is one of the most valuable assets you can have in your business. If you take the time to do it right you will build long term relationships that will last for years and provide you with fiercely loyal customers.

That's why I've created Email List Mojo. A course that's designed to show you how to set up your first email list on Aweber (an email software program) and add it to your blog or website built with WordPress.
Check it out here: Email List Mojo
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