Bonus:Send Emails Using Your Signature to Grow Your List!!!

by Zeyma
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Did you know that any email you send can generate you traffic.It never fails to amaze me this internet marketing thing.
It has never come to my mind to terminate the emails i have been sending to people wether they are members of family,friends and acquitainces with my Signature.What a waste i could have grown my list just by posting my signature as the closure of my messages.People would have known by then that i am in the marketing field,But no worries, i don't have to condamn myself about what i didn't do when i didn't know it because now though i am catching up all this time of unawerness about that successful way of growing my list.It really works and you too can try it,there is nothing to lose.
Any of your email clients can do the job,It doesn't matter whether you're using outlook,yahoo,hotmail,or gmail...It also doesn't matter that your emails are destinated to your stylist,your friends,or even your lover,just be obssesesd about promoting your site and letting people know more about your business.
Close any message you are sending with your signature as if it was a "Must"from now on.It should be even a must.Aren't you in this business to learn and implement any new skill you've acquired.I hope you are.If so have a go and try to send a message to whoever is in your mind and promote your new professional style.It doesn't do any harm.
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