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Forums are a good way to connect with people with similar interests. Forums are discussion sites or message boards where people can interact with each other by posting messages. It differs from chat rooms as the message you post in a forum needs to be approved by a moderator before getting posted. You can get a new discussion started and each topic of discussion will be a sub forum. There will be many sub forums like that in a forum and each posting of message is a 'thread'. There are forums where you need to login using a user id and password before starting to post messages and those where you can post messages without having to login.

Also in some forums you can post messages anonymously. Moderator is usually one of the users with certain privileges who can read the messages of others before posting it and can also approve it to make sure the forum is clean from spams and other illegal or indecent postings. There can be multiple moderators or a single moderator depending on the number of users or how 'active' the forum is. There is also an administrator whose job is to provide all the technical support to run the forum site without any technical problems.

Forums can also be used as a good marketing tool to get a discussion going about a certain type of product or business. If you are introducing a new product in the market, it is a good way to let people know about it by posting a message in a related forum. The moderators arenot going to allow any promotional postings but you can get a discussion started that will make the users curious to explore or research more about the product. It is a good direct marketing technique that targets the right potential customers. The trick is to get a discussion going without sounding it to be promotional.

Forums can be great for educational purposes too. If you are facing any problem and is looking for a solution, forum is the best place to look for a solution because there could be people who have faced similar problems or situation in the past and have shared it in the forum.

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