How To Increase Your Click Through Rate In Google Adwords

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A pay per click ad campaign done by an online business marketer is done to get an increase in the number of prospective customers to see their site and view what they offer. This is an ad campaign where the advertiser pays only whenever a user click on their ads.

This means that an advertiser has to get the clicks first but before they can do this they have to ensure that their ads can get the interest of people seeing them. A poorly researched ad campaign will get the clicks right, but these clicks may just be those uninterested people because of no relevancy, and thus your ad campaign gets very expensive but without returns made.

The click through rate is the percentage of measure that determines the number of times an ad is clicked in relation to the number of times it is displayed. The importance of the click through rate is that it has influence on the cost on clicks made and the ad position of your ads

However, since your click through is not an assurance of getting ad success you have to make sure that the clicks you get are really those coming from the quality targeted people who can be motivated to buy.
The following things have to be done in order to get quality click throughs.
  • Use only the targeted and highly relevant keywords in your ad copies. These words will get you to better positions in the search engines and also will be able to target specifically the quality customers who can be motivated to click upon seeing your ads.
  • Write very compelling ad copies and include your keywords in your ads to attract prospective customers more. The relevant keywords will be associated with what they need and may entice them to make a click.
  • To save on your ad costs you can go for the long tail keywords since these may be the lesser expensive terms which are more affordable. These long keywords phrases may also be the more specific terms that best describe your products or landing page and thus are more targeted.
  • It is important that you know your target prospects so that you will know what to provide. Have this information in your landing page so that when you get the click this will be with more chances to convert and thus you will not have a bounced click.
  • Group your keywords and make the specific and copies for these in the appropriate categories where you hope your ads will be placed to. This will increase your chances of getting higher conversions for your ads and not losing the opportunities on the clicks.

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