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To make a website familiar to people, it should be top on the search engine ranking. Link popularity is the factor that determines the ranking. It is not easy to build the link popularity. The quantity of links pointing to the website does not determine the link popularity. The quantity of quality links is essential. So SEO experts have to work hard to achieve this. Website, to which large number of quality links pointing, comes top in the search engine result pages. Thereby, the traffic to the website will be increased dramatically.

It can be classified into four types - internal, external, inbound and reciprocal. Internal refers to the links available in the website that redirect to another page in the same site. External links redirect to some other website to give more information on a particular topic. Links from another website to your website are referred as inbound links. If two websites have link pointing to each other, such links are called reciprocal links. These are also called as exchange links. Among these types, inbound seems to be valuable by the search engine. If the website which points to yours is of very popular, then better search engine ranking can be obtained.

The link popularity can be achieved in several ways. The link can be posted on directories. Links are categorized and displayed in directories. Yahoo and DMOZ are some of the quality directories. Getting listed in such quality directories is one of the ways for achieving link popularity. The emails can be sent to other website owners to view your website and use your link in their websites. By this way reciprocal links will be easily obtained. The main way to get high link popularity is having good content in your website. This will automatically make others to create inbound link with your site.

Though there are several methods to obtain link popularity, it will not occur over a single night. It is a time consuming process. But the time spent on this is worth for traffic building to your website. It plays an important role in site promotion also.

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