Making Money With Amazon - 3 Reasons Why You Are NOT Making Money As An Amazon Affiliate!

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If you are trying to make money online and you are tired of the countless info products and course that are swamped with competition on the web then you may have thought about getting started as an Amazon affiliate. The benefits of this are that you know more about what you are selling as it is a physical product (unless of course you review every info product you promote), and it has generally less competition than info products.
However there are 3 main reasons I have found that will stop you making money with Amazon:

Product Selection:

This bit sounds easy and it is as long as you get it right! Most people fall at the first hurdle and do not carry out product selection properly. If the product that you pick is not "hot" or it does not have enough people looking for it then it will be difficult to make sales.

You need to focus on "hot" products and you can do this by checking out the hot products from EBay or Google trends.

Not Enough Work!

This is probably the biggest reason people fail not just making money with Amazon but making money online in general. How many sites have you got out there?

1 - 3?

3 - 6?

If so you have to keep on going! Even when you follow all of the product selection steps you will find that a few of your sites flop whereas others become the REAL winners!

Building On Success Not Failure!

Once you DO find that you have a product and site that makes money you should focus on those products! You already know that they are making money and can keep on going to build up a whole network of sites.

So in conclusion:

Make sure you pick the right products.
Keep on going until you find some winners.
Focus on the winners!

I hope you enjoyed this article on the most common pitfalls of Amazon affiliates.

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