Email Marketing Tips - How a Squeeze Page is Your Ticket to a 6-Figure List!

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If you want to make substantial money on the Internet, in my opinion you need a squeeze page. A squeeze page is the fastest way to build a list. All you need is a squeeze page and traffic and you're in business. If I have to point to the pivotal factor that get the ball rolling in my business, it's the creation of my squeeze page.

You see, with a squeeze page, you are building up crazy curiosity for your visitors. When they get to your page, the only way they can access your free product or receive more information from you, is to opt-in to your list. Either that, or they leave. And the ones who are not interested or are just not trusting enough will leave. But the ones who are interested will opt-in and that's when you have a responsive subscriber.

That's why I use squeeze pages all the time. To build up curiosity and to build a list in the fastest way possible. Sure, you could create a sales page and put that up as your home page. You could have an opt-in form somewhere on that page. And you could promote that page. But I guarantee you your response will be much lower since there is so much going on in a sales letter. People just get too many options and they don't opt in to your list. I have seen opt-in rates of less than 10% for sales pages while my squeeze pages routinely get 40% opt-in rates or more.

Once you have built a list, continue to build a relationship with them by sending them free content. Send them free gifts every once in a while. Don't promote too much, and when you do promote, make sure it's a top-notch product that will help your subscribers get what they want.

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