Some SEO Metrics That Are Worth Tracking

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In order for your SEO campaign to be successful there is a need to know how this SEO campaign is performing. You may have effectively made out your SEO plans and implemented it accordingly also but you still have to how it performed properly.

Therefore it is important that you know how to measure your performance in the online industry to know if you are doing the right strategies or optimizing your website well. You have to know and be aware of the SEO metrics that are worth measuring and tracking and the following are some of these metrics worth tracking.
  • The effectiveness of the keywords used is really worth monitoring because these words can define well the success or failure of your marketing efforts. These terms will be your targeting means and also will be the terms that can rank you on the top ranks.
  • The time your visitors spend on your site is also an important data worth measuring. If your visitors spend a correspondingly longer amount of time in your site it means that you have successfully tickled their interest and conversions may follow later.
  • The quality of visit is also an important metrics to gauge. Knowing how your visitors are doing in your site is important and you need to analyze what could have made them go away quickly or on the opposite, what made them convert to sales.
  • The bounce rate is an important gauge to measure because a high bounce rate is too much of a loss. High bounce rates really need for adjustment made on your campaign or a complete overhaul of the whole marketing campaign itself.
  • The conversion rates are also SEO metrics that really need tracking and is worth it. If you know what you have high conversion rates it means that you are successfully making targeting of the quality customers in your niche and low conversions rates mean you are a failure in these things.
  • Your inbound link metrics is also an important gauge to measure. This will make you understand which particular link has given you the most number of clicks and which websites have helped you in gathering the website visitors and the good exposure of your site.
Knowing which is more important to gauge in your performance in the online industry you are in, will keep you informed if you are doing enough in your optimization efforts. This will allow you to do strategies to make further modification in your marketing efforts.

In order to know if your online campaign is performing well in your market niche, you can use tools to help you in getting data in these efforts. This will make you decide if your online strategy is gaining success or not.

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