The Quickest Way To Start Making Profits As An Amazon Affiliate?

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If you want to make money online with Amazon's affiliate program then this article will give you a few pointers that you can use to do this and tell you what you should be focusing on.

In truth you want to make sure that you are picking the right products and to do this it is a good idea to check out Google trends and also Ebay pulse to see which products are getting the most coverage. If you find a hot product then it is far more likely to have a lot of people searching for it and in turn you will make more money.

Then the key is to get a review site out there as fast as possible with good unique content. Now most people fall at this step or they take the easier route and start designing Squidoo lenses. Now this does work but the problem is that someone else will always own your content and this is not good because if they decide to they can delete all of your hard work.

Another good reason to own your content is because it will allow you to have the site the way you want it and also if it does take off you can always think about selling the site for larger profits.

Then the key is to keep on making these sites.

Some of the sites will be a rip-roaring success whereas others will not do so well but if you keep on going and make sure that you carry out product selection right you will be well on your way to making easy money with Amazon.

Try and look at it this way - if each site makes you an extra $20 a month and you have 100 of them you will be an extra $2000 a month.

Yes it is hard work but to be honest if you make 100 sites and spend time with them you will more than likely strike gold with a few of them as well.

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