Web Traffic Tips - Secrets to Double Or Even Triple Your Traffic With Quick-Fire Speed!

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Once you start getting a few dozen visitors per day to your website, that's when you have the potential to snowball things by applying a simple methodology - scaling. When something works, you just do more of it to grow your results and get more of the good stuff. Here is how you can apply the power of scaling to double or even triple your traffic at a rapid pace:

1. Article Marketing. If you are writing articles now and getting good traffic from it, guess what you need to do? Write/get more articles. By 'get', I mean you can hire a writer to do the same work you are doing, so you essentially double the number of articles you submit. This will typically give you double the traffic numbers you get.

2. Pay Per Click Advertising. Is your pay per click campaign profitable or generating leads for you? Now you need to expand it by adding more targeted keywords into your campaign (use keyword tools to spit out relevant keywords), and/or increase your daily advertising budget so that your ads get displayed more often.

3. Ezine Advertising. If you have advertised in successful ezines before, what I would recommend you do is to buy more ads in the ezine until the ad doesn't work. And keep on testing new ones. Add the successful ones to your list of ezines to promote in again so you get the maximum out of it and really get the best subscribers and customers from those databases on to your own list.

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