RSS and CMS- Two Terms of the Internet

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Nowadays we mainly work on the internet. Whether it may be for academic purposes or for other research related purpose we use the World Wide Web services everyday. Everything has been made so easy by the introduction of the Internet in our daily lives. We do take the benefits of the net, but some of us are really not that well attuned to terms related to that service. It can be said that some of us are not sufficiently informed and we need to learn a lot about the thing that we use everyday. This will not only help us to understand the Internet better but also help us to use it in a better way. Below are two terms which we come across quite often while working on the net.

RSS-What is it?
RSS is the short form of Really Simple Syndication. This belongs to a class of formats in the web which feed the sites about the regular updates. We work on our blogs daily; we post updates daily as well. How do these things get implemented and update? It is through a RSS document. This document has the complete or the summarized version of the text and also has other metadata like that of authorship and publishing dates. This document is commonly referred to as the web feed or channel. There is software by the name of RSS reader which enables one to read the RSS feeds. This is sometimes also called the aggregator. They can be mobile based devices as well as desktop based or web based. All one needs is a typical XML file which allows the publishing of the information many times hereafter.

What is CMS?

The full form of CMS is Content Management System. This is a broad term indicating a compilation of procedures. The main aim of these steps is to control and coordinate the work flow in a systematic manner. CMS is generally manual or it may be computer based as well, depending on the type of work and its requirements. One of the most important functions of this procedure is to enable a large amount of people to contribute and add to a huge collection of stored data.

With us being aware of these terms and the meaning behind them the Internet becomes a more known domain of work.

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