Social Bookmarking and Podcasting- Advancement and Advantage

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The technologies which function based on the activities of the internet have developed in large proportions in the last few years. There has been a constant rise and it shows no signs of stopping either. Why will it not grow- with so many things being done online this growth is but natural and it bound to happen. Apart from the technological advancement there are plenty of options available to us today which make the Internet more user-friendly. There are facilities as well which help us to systematically arrange the sites which makes working on the Internet faster and much less time consuming. Here, we will take about two such things, one a technological advancement and second a convenient option.

Podcasting- a technological wonder
This is an era motivated by technology and its products. When everything is going for a technological makeover why should the Radio stay behind. As if an answer to that emerges the concept of Podcasting. This refers to the form of broadcasting done in the Internet world. This concept came into being and was put to use by 2004, but plenty are still unaware of such a technological development. A podcast is more or less a webcast, aired on the Web and is also divided into series and parts. Podcasting is done on a regular basis and with more adherences to music. The shows are much like radio programmes. These shows are more popular and convenient for those to hear who have an iPhone or an iPod. Podcasts can also be used other alternative software like iTunes.

Social Bookmarking-the advantages
Social Bookmarking is of great use for us, those who access certain specified sites regularly on the Internet. Simply put this is a way of arranging, organizing and storing the bookmarks available online. It is a bit different from file sharing since the resources are not be common but only the bookmarks which function as references to the resources are. Social Bookmarking also involves the process of addition of textual information to the bookmark to provide a brief outline about the resource. This makes things much easier. This process is often known as social tagging.

These are just two of the many technological advancements and options for benefit of the users that are available today online.

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