Three Major Programs To Earn Affiliate Revenue

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Internet has become a treasure house for various types of income of which affiliate revenue is a prominent one. There are many who are earning greatly through such affiliate marketing which has close similarity with any internet marketing like email marketing and search engine marketing.

There are many ways of making affiliate revenue and these affiliate programs come in various categories and include PPC Publishing, Pay Per Sale and Pay Per Lead. One can earn through these programs if one has a website up and going. In PPC Publishing different companies would put in the advertisements of their business on your site with an agreement that if any visitors in your site click the advertisement displayed the said company would pay you a certain amount. This is normally a low earning option as the payment in this category is quite less because the advertisers pay a negligible amount as the conversion rate of these clicks is quite minimal. You need to take care while choosing the right company to advertise on your site to make it more relevant and logical.

The next option is Pay Per Sale program. This is completely opposite of the PPC Publishing and is a high paying and widely popular method of getting affiliate revenue. In this category, the number of clicks is immaterial and the company pays you only when there is an actual business / sale done by the visitor to your website and purchases through your site. It is a type of commission paid to you for the sales done. The number of sales is quite difficult to get but each one is a high paying deal and one can earn a decent amount if quality traffic is brought in and conversion rate is increased.

A method whose earning falls in between the above two is the Pay Per Lead affiliate program. In this all that is to be done is that the visitor signs up by giving his email ID and sometimes other basic information like a phone number and / or address. This would be used as a lead by the company to promote its sales.

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