Conversion Marketing--5 Tips for Making Your Website More Effective

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Conversion marketing is the art and science of making the most of your website visitor's experience on your website. When you use conversion marketing strategies you will find ways to get better results from the traffic you are already getting to your website.

Most people will visit your website only once, and most will not make a purchase on their first visit. If you can find a way to encourage more of your visitors to stay on your page longer, and interact with your content, your chances are better that they will return and eventually make a purchase.

In order to improve your website's conversion rate you've got to know what it is today. There are a few ways to measure your website's conversion rate. You can multiply the number of sales by the number of visitors and then multiply that by 100 and you'll get your base conversion rate. There are some changes that you can make to your site that will result in a significant improvement to your conversion rate.

Let's look at five tips that you can implement to make your website more effective:

1. Keep Testing
Use a website analytics tool such as Google Analytics to test your website's efficiency. Which pages have the highest bounce rate? Are visitors abandoning your forms? Is your website working properly in all of the various browsers?

Then you can test other things such as landing page copy, buttons, images, etc. Virtually every element that the user interacts with on your site will have an impact on conversions.

2. Optimize your copy
Content is King. If your visitors are not responding as well to your copy as they could be, then you are losing money. Test your copy and make changes accordingly.

3. Niche it down
Personalize your website content to appeal to your audience. Every market segment has different preferences. Show that you know what makes your prospective and current customers' tick, by offering content that speaks their unique language.

4. Keep it clean, easy to find & error free
Make it a regular practice to clean up broken links on your site, provide site maps and intuitive navigation schemes, and search capabilities to make it easy on your visitors to find exactly what they need in as few clicks as possible.

5. Deliver content in flexible formats
Given the multi-media capabilities of the web you have the option of presenting your content in ways that your audience wants to consume it. Do they prefer video? Maybe they would rather listen to an audio than pore over an eBook. You might look into whether or not a mobile app would be helpful to your market.

As I said in the beginning of this article, never stop testing every possible element of your website. If you can find better ways to reach the visitors you already have and convert them at an even higher rate, your profits will increase without spending an additional dime on advertising.

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