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Websites are being created almost every twenty four hours these days. It is a very common process undertaken by many with the hope of making good bucks. Tempting though it may sound it is not that simple and easy. It is a very tiresome process though rewarding at the end of the day. It also involves a lot of risk since there is no guarantee that the website will do well since users prefer to the ones they are accustomed to, for authenticity and usability. This will require a lot of hard work and time from the creator and it is best to hire professionals for certain tasks like SEO for a decent promotion of the website.

What is Web Development?
Web Development is essentially an umbrella term which includes a lot of other processes under it. In general the term means developing a website or webpage. However in the professional circle, the term implies two distinct processes- coding and writing markup. This process can be simple or complex depending on the type of website being created. This may involve developing a single page with only text characters or perhaps creating a whole page with complex technological interplay which has a lot of images for display. Web Development also includes the creation of the webpage of social networking sites like Orkut and Face Book. Once grasped it is a simple and creative process for those who take a liking to it.

Web Design- under the umbrella
One of the many subsidiary processes which makes up the broader term of developing a website is Web Design. In simple words, this term refers to the method of outlining a website. There are definite steps leading to a proper Web Design process. There are certain things which must be remembered while designing a web like one who is designing should have a clear idea of what he or she is doing. One should start working with the picture of the website in mind and then work accordingly to achieve the desired result. The most important factor however is to keep in mind what the users want. If all these are taken care of, the designing of the website will never fail.

So, we can conclude that Web Design is possible without Web Development but not vice versa since the former is an accessory process of the latter.

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