How To Stop Spending Money And Start Making Money

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We are not fortunate enough to live in the time when dial up was the only way to get on the internet. Back in the day it was not as competitive as it is today. Back in the day people became immediate superstars, and those who were smart made a killing online.

Yet today you can not just show up and start seeing dollars pour into your bank account. There are more and more people striving for the same dollars, and you have to bring something that has not been rehashed a billion times.

No matter were you try to sell your wares, their is a fact that remains the same. It is easier and more profitable to keep the clients you have then it is to constantly get new ones. I am not saying we can ever stop getting new clients, but we should be spending just as much time cultivating the ones we have.

In the internet marketing world I would say 99% of those I have bought a product from will commence to sending me a barrage of emails promoting WSO's they have found. 99% of them have never invested or added any value to my business. All they want is the clicks. And what they say, if you have not unsubscribed, then I have not sent you enough emails.

Then there are the other 1% that I trust and know that they not only invest in those who show up, but they reinvest in their business, making it better and better. And when I see an email from them, I usually buy what they are selling.

It reminds me of the time I was in New York. You can not walk down the streets without noticing all the people hustling and selling bootlegged products. It is easy to walk by them and ignore them. They must be making money because they are there. But then you come across a store that offers legal products and has a great experience when you purchase from them.

What am I going to do next time I need one of these products?

Go scowering the city looking for the dude pushing his products on the side of the street, or drive back to that store and buy more?

I think I will just get in my car and go to the store.

The same with a lot of internet marketers. They are lined up on the streets doing what ever they can to get an email address so that they can begin the process of killing you day after day about the new wonder pill that hit the streets. I am sure it works because they are everywhere. We have a lot of WSO Crack addicts out here. People who buy every new thing thrown in front of them.

But then you either run out of money, or get wise that the new best thing is the same as the last big thing. and you either walk away without ever making money, or beat your head against a wall and walk in circles.

But then their are those that not only have solid products, but provide value to you and your business. I go back to those people everytime, because of what they provide and how they help me grow my business. Giving sound advice and willing to answer questions and add solutions to the problems you face.

And unless you find these people, you will not make it. Because the street hustlers are not going to teach you, they are only going to sell you the next WSO they find in the system. You will be in an endless loop of spending and not making.

So how do you stop spending and start making...

By investing your time and only doing those things that are going to make you money. If you are doing anything right now that is not going to make you money then you are wasting your time. If you have bought more than 3 WSO's you know enough to make money and make money quickly.

Just start doing, but not doing anything, but doing those things that make you money.

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