Email Marketing Tips - How You Can Write a Profit Making Email Follow-Up System

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The most important step you can take in your email marketing follow-up system is to just get started. Most people are apprehensive when it comes to email marketing. Well, I can tell you that if you want to pull in email profits, you have be aggressive. You have to take action and get the work done quickly, because once your follow-up system is finished, it will be working for you round the clock via your autoresponder system.

So I'd advise that you write all your follow-up emails at one go and get it done with. That way, the system can just work for you and create sales for you while you do other things like generating traffic and creating products.

The first kind of email you can write is a content email. This is great for relationship building and branding you as an expert. An easy way to come up with a content email is to simply copy and paste one of your articles that you have already written into the system.

The next kind of email is the promotional email. This is where you make the bulk of your money through promoting affiliate products or your own products. Keep these emails to the minimum or at least use them only once a week. Do them too often and your subscribers will become jaded.

The last type of email is a mixed email, a blend between promotional and content email. This can be an email that reviews a product or pre-sells it by using content. This can be very effective for generating sales because you are not just hard selling, you are educating your subscribers!

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