Ebook Writing Tips - Do You Need a Lot of Time to Write an Ebook?

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When you first starting writing an ebook, it can appear to be a very difficult activity. It's even more so when it's the first time you are doing it. What I advise is starting out by writing a short ebook before you get started on the longer ones, something like 50 pages. This can be a free report that you give away, or a high-quality low-priced report that you use to build a customer list.

If you want to get started quickly and finish fast, I highly advise writing on a topic you are already an expert in. This obviously means you will spend very little time researching the topic. If you want to write on a topic you are completely new in, that might take a few weeks of research time or more. That will take a lot of time, so preferably, you'd want to write about something you are already clued in on.

The amount of content you want to cram in your ebook will also affect your ebook writing time. If you want to write a 150-page ebook, that will obviously take longer than if you write one that only has 50 pages. It depends on what your goal with your ebook is, whether it's to act as a lead product, a lead generator or just as a free viral report to give away. Do keep in mind though that people usually prefer shorter ebooks online. People usually want their information online fast, and might not have the patience to wade through 150-200 pages of content, especially if most of it is fluff.

Another important factor in determining how fast you can create an ebook is your typing speed. For me, I type about 50 words every minute. For you, it might be slower, it might be faster. You'd want to practice typing fast as that will help you in creating written content much quicker.

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