Ebook Publishing Tips - How to Create Viral Ebook That Generates Traffic For You

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Giving away free viral ebooks is a 'heavy hitter's' way to generate a storm of web traffic to your online business. It is a powerful marketing process where someone samples your information before they consider buying your paid products.

First of all, it is important that your free viral ebook be short. A free report is not meant to be a complete primer or guide to everything on the topic. It is meant to be a 'starter's guide' to a topic. So keep it short, and more people will finish reading it and be able to apply the information in it right away.

In your free ebook, if you want to get traffic, you've got to include a link there where people can click through to opt-in to your list. So you'd want to link to an opt-in landing page that promotes your mailing list offer.

The final element in your ebook that you'd want to have to create a viral traffic explosion is giveaway rights. Give your reader the right to pass your ebook on to others. You'd want to do this because it gives your business and your squeeze page and free promotion, and they have something free to give away to their visitors, subscribers, so it's a terrific win-win kind of situation where everybody gains something of value. You get the traffic aspect of it, your readers get valuable information and they also get something they can use to provide something valuable to their audience.

Giving away viral ebooks is definitely a tactic you would want to consider to grow your online business on autopilot.

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