Ebook Marketing Tips - 3 "Game Changing" Tactics to Supercharge Your Sales

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Ebook marketing is getting ever more competitive online as more marketers realize how profitable this business is. The little guy is suffering more than the established marketers. Here are 3 "game changing" tactics you can use to supercharge your ebook sales starting from this week:

1. Article Marketing

This is a surefire way to give your traffic a real boost. You can't fail to get traffic using this method. Write 2-4 articles per day and submit them to the top article directories. You don't have to change the articles or worry about duplicate content. None of that is important because Google will take the site with the highest Page Rank. Just submit to all the top directories for maximum traffic.

2. Joint Ventures

Joint ventures are the fastest way to shoot your sales to the moon. You can build massive lists and make sales like nobody's business through joint ventures. Like anything else, you need to work at this to make it work. Contact enough potential JV partners in your market with a reasonable deal (high affiliate commissions, cross promotions) and some profitable JV deals are bound to come off. This is free traffic at it's best.

3. Bonus Overloading

Sometimes, you don't actually need more traffic to your site to garner more ebook sales. You can simply just improve your offer and make it totally irresistible to the customer. Lump a bunch of hot bonuses together with your ebook, and watch your conversion rates. If it improves, consider adding more bonuses to make the offer even more enticing for visitors to your sales page.

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