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In SEO everyone will agree that keywords are the key factors in making your online marketing campaign succeed or go into the dust bins. Keywords, the right choice and proper placement in the contents, will propel it to the top of the search engines, and likewise the tool to attract your most targeted clients into your website.

The use of these keywords or specific terms will see you how you make your content and information contained therein, be converted to results. Thus it is important that you have materials on how those keywords perform in your online marketing campaign.

You can get data and statistics from your analytics but these will only be just data unless you do a proper evaluation and analysis of these. The information derived must be able to see your results and the keywords metrics that you have as basis will be your means for this analysis.

There are critical issues to be dealt with when it comes to SEO and the keywords you have chosen, but let us just tackle the most basic among these keyword metrics. Below you will find some of these and you can just add more if you have something to share.
  • Click through is probably the most basic among these metrics. It may be in your search engine marketing efforts or only on SEO but you need to know if you are getting clicks and how these clicks are doing, if it gives you conversions or not.
  • Keyword placement may be a measure that you have to note because this will determine your site's placement also in the search engines. Are you having the right keyword placement in your domain name, titles, descriptions, heading, content body and everything else on SEO to make it to get top placements?
  • Your browse rate data is also one good measure to monitor in your analytics tool. It is good to note if you are having enough of this in your stats in order to add in your analysis and evaluation of results obtained.
  • Conversion is of course a good metric that you have to follow up more closely and conscientiously. This is the ultimate objective that you want and you need this data for a comprehension analysis, if you are getting good performance or not.
  • The use of long tail words or phrases can be a guide measure of how your online campaign is doing. Are you getting the clicks if you use the long term phrases or there is no difference with the normal keywords use?
All these measures will be of much help if you have these data and using them for analysis and evaluation will help in the final outcome of your SEO campaign. Getting top placements and more traffic are evidence of these good evaluation efforts.

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