Google AdWords Fast Track - Secret System For Pulling in Traffic By Tonight

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I recently set up an AdWords campaign that got me no less than a few dozen visitors in a matter of hours. I've used AdWords to promote affiliate products before. But this was a special campaign. I was using it to build a list, and in a space of a few hours, got half a dozen new leads into my autoresponder from this campaign, and it only took me 30 minutes to set up!

Here is the blow-by-blow system of how I got traffic from only working 30 minutes:

Step 1 - Make A List Of 20 Top Keywords

Make a list of the top 20 keywords in your market that are the most relevant to your product and receive the most traffic. Don't be deterred by competition at this moment. You want the most relevant keywords that get the most traffic. Create this list now!

Step 2 - Use Speed PPC To Create Ad Groups For Each Campaign

Speed PPC is a software that allows you to rapidly create super targeted pay per click campaigns in minutes instead of hours or weeks. Plug in your seed keywords and let the software do its magic to create targeted ad groups for each of these keywords.

Step 3 - Upload Your Ad Groups To AdWords Editor

AdWords free editor is a very useful tool for editing tons of ads on the fly and having them live in almost an instant. Upload your campaign from Speed PPC to here as that is how we are going to transfer it to your AdWords account itself.

Step 4 - Upload Your Campaigns To AdWords

Follow the instructions in the AdWords Editor to upload your campaign straight into your Adwords campaign and watch it go live straight away!

Step 5 - Overpay For Traffic At First

This is what many pay per click marketers don't know. Overpay for your traffic first. Bid high in the beginning to gain a strong foothold - the idea is to get a high click through rate early on to increase your Quality Score. This will allow to pay lesser later on and still maintain a high ad position!

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