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Would you like to make tons of money for a lifetime? Who wouldn't? Well, there is this misconception that making money on the Internet is not secure or someday the Internet is going to die. I'm here to tell you the Internet is going to get bigger and bigger. It has already transcended television as the most popular entertainment medium. Simply put, the world cannot survive without the Internet now.

So the Internet is a great way to make money for a lifetime. The goldmine is only going to get bigger and bigger as more customers come online to shop for your products. In fact, by 2012, online sales will double. Imagine that! Don't you want to grab your share of this wealth pie?

Here are the secrets to making a lasting, fat income online:

1. Build A Mailing List

Start by building a mailing list. This is the easiest step to get into the business. All you need is a simple web page to capture subscribers and an opt-in form which you can get from an autoresponder such as Aweber. Essentially, you are building an online newsletter subscriber base here.

2. Build A Relationship With Your List

Build a rapport with your list by sending them tons of free information about your topic. Send them free PDF reports and send them to your blog where you make posts and invite them to comment.

3. Create A Strong Follow-Up System

Create a powerful follow-up system with free content and affiliate product offers mixed in to make a profit for you. Over time, you can also create your own information products to promote to your list and get joint venture partners on board to promote for you!

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