Article Marketing - How Many Articles Are Needed to Make a Serious Marketing Splash?

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I've often been asked "How many articles are needed to get 100/200/300 visitors per day, Fabian?" This really depends on your goals and the quality of your articles. If your goal is to make $5000 per month instead of $10000 per month, obviously you would need lesser articles to achieve that goal.

However, there is one principle you need to understand when it comes to article marketing. It is absolutely crucial that you realize that articles are essentially a numbers game. If you have more articles out there pulling in traffic for you, it's only natural that you will garner more leads for your business and you will make more money. It is really simple mathematics.

If I started out earlier in Internet marketing, there is no doubt I would have more spent either more time or money getting articles out there. I would either write more articles or outsource more of them. Because, being in the position that I am today, I know articles work. I know it drives traffic for me day in and day out without fail. So if I have more articles out there, the whole system will just funnel more visitors my way.

So what do you do if you want to double or triple your income from writing articles? The answer is more. Write more articles. Write twice as many articles if you want double the income.

The other important principle I want to run by you is the issue of quality. It's no use if you write more articles but they are poor in content value. You need to give out quality content. So focus on improving that side as well. By improving your quality and quantity of articles, you can't fail not to take your business to the next level!

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