Why You Need Article Marketing to Create a Perpetual Profit Machine Online

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I can safely say that article marketing is THE number one free traffic generation method online. The fact is, I wouldn't say that if it didn't generate results for me.

Now, article marketing is not for everyone. It might not be as effective for you. But no matter what, you want to find some way to integrate articles into your marketing plan and reap the rewards from it.

Here is why you need to do article promotion if you want to create a perpetual profit machine online that lasts:

1. Articles give you a flood of backlinks, and this helps you to boost your search engine placements

2. Articles get some of the most targeted traffic on the Internet

Why do articles get the most targeted traffic?

Well, here is the lowdown. When someone visits your article, reads it and then visits your site, he is a highly warmed up visitor. He is a targeted visitor. He has read a few paragraphs of your information and obviously likes what he sees, so he visits your website to see what else you have to offer. Contrast this with a visitor from classified ads or pay per click ads; all they see is a hyped up ad with a few lines, and then they visit your website. Article marketing definitely trumps paid advertising methods in this regard; it generates super targeted traffic.

And this means you will get to build a more targeted and responsive list. It means you will make more sales and profits. That is why you would want to definitely consider article writing and promotion as a viable way to get traffic and leads.

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