Internet Marketing - Here's A Powerful Method to Make Money Every Month Hands-Free!

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Are you looking for a surefire way to make money 'hands-free' every month? This is real residual income from the Internet. This is a way to make one sale, one transaction, and yet pull in cash for months on end from just one customer.

I'm talking about membership sites.

Membership sites are definitely the easiest way to create hands-free passive income online. And contrary to popular belief, it does not take much to create an insanely profitable membership site. You don't need any fancy scripts or software; we've going to do it the 'ghetto' way and you will still come out laughing all the way to the bank:

Step 1 - Find A Theme For Your Site

The first thing you need to do is find a theme for your site. Don't just go for any general topic; go for the sub-topics that have lots of interest but lesser competition. Scope out Clickbank and Amazon to find ideas for your site.

Step 2 - Create Your Membership Content

You'd want to create at least a few months worth of membership content first. Now here is the twist: instead of uploading your content to a membership area like many others do it, you create an autoresponder account, and plug in your content as autoresponder follow-ups.

Step 3 - Set Up A Recurring Billing Mechanism

You can set up a recurring billing payment scheme at two places: Clickbank and Paypal. Clickbank is a good option as you can set up an affiliate program with them and get others to promote your site. But it can be a little hard to get your product approved there. So if you want to get up to speed fast, Paypal is the way to go.

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