Article Marketing - Your Big Picture of Article Marketing to Create a Perpetual Traffic Machine

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When it comes to article marketing, think in terms of 'non-absolutes'.

In other words, the more articles you have the better it is for your business. The more articles you have, the more traffic you will get. All things equal (you have the same quality for all of your articles), you will get more traffic if you have more articles out there. Many would-be-successful article marketers miss this point.

As an entrepreneur, you have, technically, no limit on your income. There is no limit to how many articles you can submit either.

There are people with 13,000 plus, 7,000 plus articles on just one directory. I'm not kidding around; this is a fact. These people know the power of volume.

In some of his recent content, John Reese talks about owning more of the Internet with content. That's what you want to do with your articles - own more of the Internet. If you have more articles out there that drive tons of traffic back to your sites, you are owning more of the Internet.

Let's not think in terms of article directories too. With your 'vault' of articles, you can create tons of web pages for your website, or submit them as blog posts daily to your blog. All this will result in huge traffic benefits - search engine rankings, blog directory traffic, RSS feeds traffic and the list just goes on.

Never stop producing content. You don't have to write the content yourself too. You can create your own article producing team or content creation team to write content for you. That's where the real profits are made.

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