Copywriting - How to Get Your Visitors to Drop Everything They Are Doing and Hand You Money

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Getting your visitors to spend money with you: that is the goal of every webmaster whose goal is to make a profit from their websites. Well, in this article, I'm going to show you how to get your visitors to drop everything they are doing and hand you money now.

These covert tactics should be used with caution. Alright, let's proceed with the tactics:

1. The Scarcity Tactic

By making your offer limited, it immediately appears more valuable. Include a time limit or limited quantities and watch your sales explode! This is the easiest, effort free method you can use to boost sales.

2. The Testimonials Tactic

There is no doubt that social proof is a crucial motivating factor for making purchases. If others are saying good things about your product, others will feel compelled to give it a try too. Get testimonials from your happiest customers or your joint venture partners and include them on your sales page.

3. The Bonus Tactic

Piling on the bonuses will absolutely get your visitors salivating at the value of your offer. Visitors will feel that they are getting such value for money that they just cannot refuse your offer. You don't want to pile up too many bonuses though; this might make your offer seem "cheap".

4. The Recap Tactic

Basically, this entails recapping your offer with a short summary at the end of your sales letter. When you do this, you are repeating the main benefits of your offer just before the order button. This triggers sales like nothing else out there!

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