List Building - 3 Fastest Ways to Build a List of Info-Product Thirsty Subscribers

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Are your list building efforts stalling or even failing completely? Well, it's time to stop groping around in the dark and start using surefire methods to build a list of info-product thirsty subscribers.

Here are the 3 fastest ways to grow a profitable list on demand in no particular order of effectiveness:

1. Co-Registration Marketing

This is probably the fastest way to build a list on demand, anytime you want. How co-registration works is that you get to place your short classified ad-esque advertisement amongst other offers on a high-trafficked site. Here is the source I use for co-registration: Get Subscribers. It's one of the best co-registration sources because you are getting real-time leads that are genuine.

2. Article Marketing

Article marketing can be huge and take on a life on its own if you build the foundations for it. Here is a simple plan to get you started generating red-hot leads from article marketing: write 5 articles per day for 3 months, and after 3 months you'll have an estimated 450 traffic sucking articles driving in visitors for you for years to come. Or you can even hire a writer to do the job and even submit your articles so that the whole system is all totally hands-off!

3. Google AdWords

Google AdWords does require some capital to work with. But the great thing about AdWords is that you can limit your spending everyday by applying a low Daily Budget to your campaign. Find targeted keywords to advertise your product in and use Placement Targeting to get super cheap clicks that you can use to build a list around the clock.

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