Boost Your Page Rank - 5 Insider Secrets to Increase Your Google Page Rank Easily

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When you want to increase the Page Rank of any website you have, just refer to this article and apply these 5 secrets to boosting your Google Page Rank easily.

Here they are:

1. Include a sitemap on your page. Google is placing more importance on the sitemap for websites. Include a simple sitemap and link to it from your home page. You can also use Google Sitemaps to create a simple sitemap easily.

2. Include H1 tags for your headers. Include your main keywords in your header and make them H1 for font choice instead of Normal. This will give them more prominence in the search engines as search engine spiders pay more attention to H1 tags.

3. Link your pages. Create a solid link structure so that all your pages link together. This makes it easy for search engine spiders to 'crawl' on your website and it will give you higher search engine rankings as well.

4. Create content laden pages. Other webmasters will be more eager to link to your web pages if you have solid, high quality content. Always include nothing more than top-notch content (not rehashed content) on your pages.

5. Increase your link popularity. This is the most important part of your strategy to increase your Page Rank. Google places a huge emphasis on the number of quality websites that are linking back to your website. If you want to boost your Page Rank, the fastest way to do it is by finding high Page Rank sites that will link back to you. You can do this through a reciprocal link exchange, or through other tactics like blog post commenting or link buying.

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